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Maxavita MaxaBreathe

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Maxavita MaxaBreathe - Natural respiratory support

Maxavita MaxaBreathe at a glance -Easy feed, 1 scoop a day! Helps support your horses respiratory system.

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    Maxavita MaxaBreathe

    MAXAVITA MAXABREATHE- Natural respiratory support

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe at a glance -Easy feed, 1 scoop a day! Helps support your horses respiratory system.

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe contains our unique Green Lipped Mussel extract alongside a blend of soothing ingredients. Designed exclusively for Maxavita by Veterinary professionals.

    A healthy respiratory system is essential for every horse to maintain a strong well being and perform at his best. Over the past decade there has been an increase in the number of horses and ponies suffering from respiratory problems and research has shown that as much as 80% of stabled horses suffer some form of airway irritation. Repeated exposure to dust and mould spores from bedding and hay can have a detrimental effect on the horse’s ability to breathe normally, resulting in a thickening of the airway walls and the production of excess mucus, which can lead to serious illnesses such as COPD. Many horses and ponies suffer not only in winter but summer too, due to pollen allergies.

    Here at Maxavita we have researched into the best ingredients available to aid the horse’s respiratory system to keep any wheezing, coughing and infections at bay. Current research has found that the Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the Green Lipped Mussel are beneficial in relieving asthmatic symptoms.

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe is designed to ease congestion and combat the signs of respiratory disease.

    The Green Lipped Mussel extract in Maxavita MaxaBreathe contains a unique profile of Omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a potent soothing action to relieve inflamed and irritated airways. Key anti-oxidant ingredients N-Acetyl Cysteine and Vitamin C help to fight infection and reduce mucus, wheezing and coughing. Maxavita MaxaBreathe aids the maintenance of clear and healthy airways, allowing your horse to breathe comfortably and naturally inside and outside the stable.



Feeding Instructions

    •SuPerna – Our Green Lipped Mussel extract helps to soothe the inflammations associated with respiratory problems, helping to reduce the irritation which causes coughing.

    •Vitamin C - Vitamin C Powder can protect the respiratory system from allergic reactions and alleviate wheezing. The horse's natural source of vitamin C is fresh grass and other live plants. Hays and grains contain essentially no vitamin C – opening a need for a supplement especially during winter months. It is also renowned for its antioxidant properties and is essential to formation and maintenance of connective tissues (joint cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and the skin and bone).

    •N-Acetyl Cysteine - N-acetyl cysteine is an amino acid that serves as a precursor for the synthesis of glutathione, a detoxifying agent in the body. This helps break down mucus and may also help the liver detoxify a wide range of pollutants.

    •L-Glutamine - A non-essential amino acid present abundantly throughout the body and is involved in many metabolic processes. It is the principal carrier of nitrogen in the body and is an important energy source for many cells. It has been shown to enhance immune system cells, improve mental cognition, prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown) and enhance muscular development.

    •Herbal Blend with Alfalfa - Soothing sage and elderflower, antioxidant garlic and lemon combined with Alfalfa for maximum palatability.

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