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  • Maxavita MaxaBreathe

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe - Natural respiratory support

    Maxavita MaxaBreathe at a glance -Easy feed, 1 scoop a day! Helps support your horses respiratory system.

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  • Maxavita MaxaCalm

    Maxavita MaxaCalm

    Maxavita MaxaCalm- Calming formula to reduce stress

    Maxavita Maxacalm At a glance- A day-to-day calming supplement Containing optimum levels of Magnesium and L-Tryptophan Blended with a unique combination of calming herbs. Designed exclusively for Maxavita by Veterinary professionals.

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  • Maxavita MaxaFlex

    Maxavita MaxaFlex

    Maxavita MaxaFlex- For healthy, pain free joints

    Maxavita Maxaflex combines the soothing power of Green Lipped Mussel with key joint care ingredients, providing an all in one supplement to offer short and long term support for joint health Learn More

  • Maxavita MaxaHoof

    Maxavita MaxaHoof

    Maxavita MaxaHoof- Promotes strong and healthy hoof growth

    Maxavita MaxaHoof At a glance Easy feed, just one scoop a day. Highest quality food grade ingredients. For short and long term hoof health.

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  • Maxavita MaxaPower

    Maxavita MaxaPower

    Maxavita MaxaPower - For Stenghth, Stamina and Performance

    At a glance Ideal for working horses needing high energy levels Promotes gains in strength and stamina Supports muscle recovery and maintains healthy circulation Maxavita MaxaPower, for strength, stamina and performance

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  • Maxavita Pernamex Equine Tablets

    Maxavita Pernamex Equine Tablets

    Maxavita Pernamex Equine Tablets- Fast Acting Equine Joint Supplement

    Maxavita Pernamax Equine Tablets is a fast acting, effective and natural joint care solution for horses that suffer from mobility problems.

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  • Maxavita MaxaBiotic

    Maxavita MaxaBiotic

    Maxavita MaxaBiotic- Maintains a healthy digestive system

    Maxavita MaxaBiotic at a glance Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, Encourages 'good bacteria' to optimise gut function. Prebiotic and probiotic formula.

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