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Performance & Electrolytes

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  • NAF Omega Oil

    NAF Omega Oil

    NAF Omega Oil - A balanced blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids

    Increasingly oil is being used as part of the energy quotient of the diet, and the superior quality and fatty acid profile of NAF Omega Oil makes it ideal for this purpose.

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  • NAF D-Ty

    NAF D-Ty

    NAF D-Ty - Supports muscle relaxation and suppleness

    NAF D-Ty contains naturally sourced, scientifically verified antioxidants to flush out the build up of toxins from the system. Vitamin E deficiency is often associated with poor muscle function. NAF D-Ty provides optimum levels of Vitamin E alongside essential trace minerals to ensure the requirements of peak muscle performance are met.

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  • NAF EnerG

    NAF EnerG

    NAF EnerG - Help improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete

    This Iron rich, fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to help improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete. The sports horse demands more of his body to perform to his full potential

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    NAF MSM- For the Health of Tendons, Ligaments, Muscle and Soft Tissue surrounding the joint capsule

    NAF MSM -Designed to maintain the natural regeneration of tissue and to support the body's natural repair processes.

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  • NAF Electro Salts

    NAF Electro Salts

    NAF Electro Salts- To replace salts lost as a result of exertion and during hot weather. Learn More

  • NAF D-Tox

    NAF D-Tox

    NAF D-Tox - Supplement to support equine health when compromised by toxin overload

    Unique antioxidant complex for the nutritional support of optimum health

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  • NAF M Power

    NAF M Power

    NAF M Power- For ultimate muscle power, strength and stamina

    NAF M Power has become a popular choice amongst top British riders who have seen and experienced the benefits of the product.

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  • NAF Ice Cool

    NAF Ice Cool

    NAF Ice Cool- Ice cool therapy for tired legs.

    NAF Ice Cool has been developed to naturally cool, soothe and tighten sore, tired legs and tendons following strenuous exercise.

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